The Ins & Outs of Fitness Competition

by Jan 9, 2020Fitness Competition Life

One of the questions I get asked often when I am out and about running errands in my local community is, “do you workout?”

Following that question, usually before I answered the first, “Are you a bodybuilder?”

I find it so fascinating that my level of muscle and conditioning not only prompts complete strangers to approach me, but it opens the door to a full on discussion on why a young woman would decide to lift weights as a hobby. I look at it like any other hobby someone might practice, such as surfing, golfing, or painting. I look forward to lifting and exercising. It’s one of the few parts of my day that I am completely in the moment, not thinking about anything else. And then there’s the feeling of it. I have always felt like a mentally strong person who is resilient in life, but the physical strength you gain from bodybuilding is amazing.

Being the introverted extrovert I am, I typically turn the conversation around to focus on the person who approached me.

Why am I considered an anomaly?

Maybe they haven’t been into a gym in a while or are unsure about the next steps to take in order to regain control of their overall health. Each one of us has or is going through some type of trauma and if the person is really open that is something they might share. Or they might share a symptom of their trauma, the way they feel and how it is affecting their health. My number one natural cure for unhealthy habits? Exercise!

If you change the way you associate things, maybe instead of seeing the gym as this place for only fit people (look around a gym, everyone is at a different part of their journey) and view it as a wellness-center, when you can improve mind, body and spirit through hard work, challenging yourself, and generating endorphins. I understand that a very very small percentage of men and women will have the same passion for bodybuilding that I do, but any type of movement that excites you or that you can share with others, that’s an amazing feeling when you find it and when you share it, don’t be surprised by how inspiring it is to others.

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