Personal Training

Personal Training

One-on-One Coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. We offer a holistic approach to fitness that includes a focus on body re-compositioning, customized meal plans, physical therapy, mindset, and lifestyle coaching.

Reach Your

Fitness Goals

Have you dreamed of improving your current physical state but aren’t sure where to start?

At Oak & Iron, each of our trainers are fully equipped to help you achieve your best physical shape. Each workout is tailored to your specific goals and programmed for your body’s needs. Each training session is designed to yield the best results in the shortest time frame. The results become long-lasting when paired with education on lifestyle changes and nutrition recommendations from a trainer.

We believe personal training should be engaging and fun. Not only will you look forward to each workout, but you will also find yourself leaving each session feeling energized and ready to tackle the next obstacle head-on.


  • 30 min session $40

  • 45 min session $60

Schedule a complimentary health evaluation, and we can discuss your health and fitness goals!

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