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We educate you on specific nutritional strategies to reach your physique goals. A healthy diet is key to support your energy output and keep you properly fueled each day.

Through client education and practice, Oak and Iron is committed to coaching you to understand what foods will best support your goals. If the word “macro” is foreign to you then you are likely in need of dietary guidance and support. At Oak and Iron we do not recommend following diet trends or making restrictive guidelines. Food is meant to provide the nourishment your body needs to feel and perform your best. Online coaching available.

Monthly program offered $150/month. 

How it Works:

Book your first 40 minute coaching session HERE where we will discuss everything from past and present eating habits, health history, food preferences and eating patterns. We will identify any challenges you might be facing and formulate a plan to overcome these. Together we will set goals that reflect the healthy lifestyle you desire.


From our initial meeting we will decide on a plan that most suits your goals and lifestyle.

Plan A

Just the basics. A customized meal plan is created based on the initial orientation. A full macronutrient breakdown and nutritional guideline is included along with meal plans for an entire month. This plan works well for the client who likes to fly solo and needs the structure of a plan without on-going coaching.


$150 / month

Plan B

For clients who need a coach close-by to push you through the barriers in life that hold you back. Weekly check-ins are included to give us a chance to analyze how the dietary changes are being implemented into your lifestyle. These 30 minute meetings can be done via Skype or in person.

$200 / month with 90-day commitment

Plan C

Total lifestyle makeover! This plan is for the individual who is taking the first steps to improve their overall health and eating habits. If you have never tracked your calories or kept a food journal, you will understand how a consistent diet will support your lifestyle goals. 1 weekly meeting and 2 additional check-ins per week. Unlimited support available by phone or email.

$250 / month with 90-day commitment

If you have any questions or are seeking a different custom plan than what is listed above, feel free to contact us directly.

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