Oak + Iron Fitness

Oak & Iron Fitness offers cutting-edge, holistic, fitness and nutrition coaching, classes, and services for everyone. Our expertise and approach has been honed in the gym, on competition stages, and backed by science.

Personal Training

One-on-One Coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. We offer a holistic approach to fitness that includes a focus on body recompositioning, customized meal plans, physical therapy, mindset, and lifestyle coaching.

Semi-Private Group Training

If you enjoy working out alongside others, this is a great, budget-friendly option. It’s a fun way to motivate and encourage each other to bring your best each session. Maximum of 3 Participants.

Competition Prep Coach

Dreaming of building your most muscular or toned physique? Our team of experienced professionals have a background in competitive bodybuilding, with top 5 placings in multiple National shows. 12-week commitment and nutrition plan required.

Athlete Strength + Conditioning

Tap into our trainers’ knowledge and expertise for your off-season performance goals. We utilize all cutting-edge fitness modalities to increase power, strength, speed, and agility to fine-tune your skills.

Group Fitness Classes

Share positive energy as the instructor encourages participants to push themselves for a great and fun workout. Classes and offerings change monthly, so check out our class schedule on our website for the latest! Ask about our corporate wellness plans and pricing.

Nutrition Coaching

We educate you on specific nutritional strategies to reach your physique goals. Customized meal plans

Get Started

Schedule a complimentary intake to get to know your trainer, our studio, and to discuss your unique health & fitness goals.

About us

Lindsey Dias

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer

My entire life has been full of sports and activities from an early age. Having the good fortune of growing up on California’s Central Coast area allowed me to take advantage of the weather and enjoy outdoor activities year round.

Although I have always considered myself active and in “good shape” I didn’t become super fit until I had my first child back in 2009 and became a regular at a local gym. My fitness journey extended through my second pregnancy and was something I always made a priority to maintain after having two kids. I took some time to finish my BA and venture into public education before I came back to fitness in 2015.

My main areas of focus are weight loss and muscle gain, what I have termed “body re-composition”. Having more lean muscle mass is associated with dense, strong bones that will come in handy as you reach middle and old age. More muscle on the body also helps burn more calories in an efficient way; the body maintains higher levels of energy and feeling sluggish becomes rare.

I enjoy working one-on-one with clients to set achievable goals on the way to becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Healthy does not necessarily mean super fit either. Health can be reflected in lower cholesterol, better range of motion for joints, improved circulation and increased flexibility. I work with all age groups and backgrounds, including athletes and competitors in fitness.
Fitness is truly a passion of mine and I am proud to share this passion with my team at Oak and Iron.


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